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Fun At The College Toilets

Being a student is great. You get to meet up with various fellow students, you go to parties, have coffee breaks that go well into the evening. It's a time of sharing, of experiments and acting out before you conform to the adult world of work. Even though you enjoy this enormous freedom, there are also some responsibilities.. You have to work for your grades. You have to master subjects you don't necessarily like. You have to invest a reasonable amount of time in memorizing, summarizing and organizing notes.

For me, it used to be quite hard to discipline myself to do the things I was supposed to do. To force myself away from distraction, I resolved to stick to the college facilities - that is, the study rooms, the library and the computer centre - after my classes.

I remember entering the library with my books and having difficulty adopting to the solemn silence that was ever present. All those rows of books, the stuffy atmosphere, the smell of old paper, dust and the copy machine working overtime.. All those young students, occupied with those books, scribbling down on their pieces of paper, diligently searching in dictionaries - oh boy, it was hard not burst out in hysterical laughter sometimes! Of course, in time, after a few minutes, I would be one of them. Instead of looking around and fidgeting and postponing, I would go to work and fix my mind on some intellectual concept or theory.

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Courage And Honor

I'll begin this story by telling you that my name is Rick Stevenson, but all who know me, call me Gunny! I am a lifer to the Corps and dedicated to all in which it serves. My daily routine begins at 3:30am at which point I run at least five miles, then pump weights for a solid two hours. I am in great physical condition as in the case of most Marines. By no means am I considered to be an Adonis, nor am I one of those professional body builders, but standing 6'3" and weighing in at 247 pounds, I am no boy either. My brown hair is cut in the standard horseshoe cut and my eyes are greenish blue. Proudly enough, I have more medals and ribbons than the Commandant of the Marine Corps. To say I've been through some shit would be putting it mildly. None the less, the Marine Corps way of life, is my way of living. Am I pretty boy? The answer is rather simple! Hell fucking NO! I've got a three inch scar on my left cheek and a face that tells the story of a rough way of life. Where this story happens is only known to me and is really rather unimportant.

Being the Gunny of a rather dedicated platoon of young Marines is more than a privilege, it's an honor. I had their respect and they had mine! I didn't push them and they didn't push me! The battalion commander, whose only possession in life, was his pathetic fucking college degree. He was an absolute idiot who couldn't lead a falling leaf to the ground. Just by my looks and my combat record, I put the fear of God in him, so he never fucked with me or my unit whatsoever. Now, that this bumbling buffoon of a dumb ass is out of this story, I'll get on with it.

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I know this may sound rather absurd, but I have come to the conclusion that there is no other six-letter word in the English language that is as potent as PLEASE.You see, when adding this simple word to a request or inquiry, one feels more inclined or obligated to fulfill the inquisition. For example: one's Mother may ask, "Will you PLEASE take out the trash."And since Mother used the "magic word" as we are often told growing up, the request of the trash being taking out is completed.Webster's Dictionary defines please as..."to make happy or satisfied."So it is easy to notice why so many people often find it hard to say no when one is put in this situation, no matter how unusual the request may seem.

This story all started to unfold during my freshman year at Duke (the year before the scandal) after a hard day of lacrosse practice. I, Roger Johnston, began succumbing to the word PLEASE on many of occasions, and my roommate, Matt Greer, took full advantage!

First time...

As Matt and I were eating dinner in the student union, he began to complain about practice.

"Fuck man, what was coach's problem, he was riding my ass all throughout practice.Wouldn't give me a fucking break," whined Matt.

"Well dude what do you expect.He knows you're the best athlete on the team, and when you're not giving it your all, that's what happens," I replied.

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Security Guard Encounter

About 4 months ago my Master lived out of town and would regularly instruct me over the phone/internet on things to do for him.He liked to order me to go out at night in light jeans, find somewhere under a streetlight or with people in the distance and call him on my cellphone when I was in position.He would then instruct me to piss myself in the hope someone might see so I would see even more humiliated than I already did at wetting myself.

One night Master had ordered me to go to a nearby sports field.I was in the middle of the field under a spotlight just starting to piss when I was caught in the headlights of a car pulling into the car park.It looked to be a security guard's car. I mentioned this to Master who denied permission for me to stop pissing.

In fact he ordered me to grope my cock and balls and drop my jeans. I had no choice but to obey.Just as I dropped my jeans the guard flashed his spotlight on me. O fuck I thought, I'm in trouble now.He got out of his car and started to cross the field towards me.

He was very solid, well toned, wearing dark uniform overalls tugged into high leg black steel capped boots, shaved head, black duty belt with maglite torch, baton, handcuffs etc.Was also wearing dark mirrored glasses despite it being night so I could nto see his eyes.As he neared he started to pull on his leather patrol gloves and ordered me to put my hands on my head.I dropped the phone I was holding and obeyed him.This guy looked like he meant business and was not a guy to fuck around with.

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Latin Glory Hole Encounter

The following story is true; it just happened tonight, 9/26/2005. Names have been changed to protect the innocent. If it is illegal or you are under 18, please do not continue to read this story.

Latin Glory Hole Encounter By: RJC

When I got off work I checked my voice mail on my phone and got the message from my partner. He was telling me that he was going to his "friends" house. I knew what he meant. He was going to spend the night with his ex. We have an open relationship. We have the freedom to have sex with whomever we want. We also do threesomes a lot, but that is not the point of the story. As I got into my red sports car, I decided that I would visit the glory hole at the video store in the next town. I started the engine and drove the short trip home.When I got there, I changed my clothes and got back into the car and drove the store. I come here every once in awhile, especially when Jose goes to Kyle's. The parking lot was not as full but as well as I expected for a Monday night. I went inside, showed my ID, paid for my tokens and went inside the video booth area. I was surprised; there was no one there. I found one booth that was occupied and went inside. I put in a few tokens and watched the video on the screen. I kept peeking through the hole in between the booths but the guy on the other side was just watching the movies. I sat for a moment before I got up and left the booth.There was still no one around so I walked around and looked around the moves and there was hardly anyone there. I was disappointed being that I was horny and ready for some fun. After going back and forth, I finally decided to just get in a booth and see what happens. In a few moments, a guy came into the other booth. He slid his fingers through the hole, motioning for me to put my dick there. I stood up, put my member there while he started sucking.It felt good, but he didn't really know what he was doing so I pulled back after a couple of minutes. When I did, he put his dick through the hole. 'Wow, not bad.' I thought as I started to suck it for a while. It was about 6.5 inches and had a big head. I guess I should tell a little about me first. I am 23 years old working in a call center and living by myself with my two cats. Jose and I have been dating for a little over 2 years. We have our fights (if you have ever dated or know a Latin person, you know what I mean) but we always make up. I am about 5'5 and 150 lbs with brown hair and blue eyes. Okay, so back to the story. I sucked on the guys cock for a while before I stood up, let him suck me off a little more before I pulled back, jacked off and came through the hole. As soon as I was done, I buttoned up and left the booth area. I had to cool off before I went back in. I looked at some more movies before deciding to return to the booths. As I was walking in I saw this very young, dark skinned man walk in the door. I smiled to myself for this was the first time I had ever seen someone even remotely close to my age. I continued into the booths and waited for him. I had this older man checking me out up and down. He was ok a looking but my attention was focused on something else.Then, there he was, he was walking into the darkened area. I smiled and nodded my head to him. He returned the nod and walked to the other side of the room. I followed, all the while being followed buy the old man.The young guy looked at me and I nodded to a booth. He nodded and started to walk to one. I went in one assuming that he was going to the other one. I was surprised when he walked him behind me. Surprised, but certainly not going to protest.He clicked the door shut and started putting tokens in the machine. Then I heard another door click and I looked at the hole joining the other booth and it was the old man. I wasn't to amused at the idea of him being there but I was too busy with what I had in front of me. I studied him for a second and realized he was Hispanic. I love Hispanic men. "Hablas espanol?" I was asking if he spoke Spanish. "Si." He answered, which means yes. I went to kiss him on the lips but he turned his head. "No bese?" I asked. Beso means to kiss. He started to undo his belt buckle and unzip his jeans. I took the moment to study him again. Nice body, nice hair, cute face. I was happy.Then he pulled his pants down revealing his pinga (dick). It wasn't as nice as I would have preferred, but it was still nice. I was soon on my knees sucking him while the old man in the other booth watched us through the buddy window, a Plexiglas type of window that can be turned on or off. Then he started thrusting his cock down my throat, causing me to gag a little. But I continued to suck him and then started sucking on his balls. They were so small and cute, just like everything else on him was cute. The old man in the other booth starting reaching through the hole and rubbing the Latin man's stomach. Before I knew what had happened, the pinga was jerked from my mouth and the old man was sucking him now. I shrugged my shoulders and started kissing and licking all over the Spanish man's body. It was nice and he smelled so good.This went on for about five minutes, going from me to the old man. When I started sucking on his balls again, he started jacking off. I knew he was going to come and I could tell that he wanted to come in my mouth. I didn't want to do that so I kept my mouth shut and soon my face was covered with the cum from this hombre caliente (hot man).He started to button up when I started asking him some questions. "Como te llamos?" I was asking what was his name. "Juan." Cool name. Traditional. "Mucho gusto. Mi nombre es Mike." ("Nice to meet you, my name is Mike") As he finished buttoning his pants, I asked how old he was and thanked each other. I thought about inviting him over but in the back of my mind I knew there would be a small chance that Jose would come over if him and Kyle didn't get along well. I didn't want to risk having him stop by and finding me in bed with another man. Jose wouldn't care, but to me that would have been inconsiderate, even though some would argue that what he does is but that is another story.Juan said bye and left the booth. I stayed and let the old man suck me. I was too involved in thinking about Juan and that I should go after him and get his number so that I could call him and become friends. The old man lost interest and stopped what he was doing and left the booth, leaving me by myself and hard. I jacked off for a second or two before I packed "everything" up and left the booth. With Juan on my mind, I asked the lady behind the booth if a young, Hispanic man had left and she said yes. I walked out just to see if he was still there. He wasn't. I knew I had lost him forever, which I know is a good thing in the long run though. I went back inside, went one more time in the video room where I let the old man suck me off until I came. After that, I got into my car and drove home, thinking about the hot, Latin lover I had just let slip out of my hands. Maybe we will meet again....

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Meeting The Team

This installation contains no sex because I needed to set up the story. You may want to check one of the other stories if that's all you want. Later installments most likely will contain some sort of sex.I'm not sure where I want to go and I need your feedback to decide.

I shot the ball, and Jay smiled at the miss.

"Shut up, I don't play basketball," he played for the JV team, and was a point guard or something of the like."I could still probably beat you though," the smile faltered,

"You're joking right?"Retrieving the ball I dribbled it a couple of steps,

"Nope," I shot it, for a nice swish.

"Oh, Oreo's got game," he grabbed the ball,

"Then let's go, the first to twenty," he passed me the ball,

"Rules?"I passed the ball back,

"None, except for no traveling or double dribbling," I shrugged,

"Not that I know what any of that is," he frowned,

"You're not serious," snatching the ball,

"Why don't we find out," I went up for a lay-up and scored.He laughed as I `checked' the ball.I think that's what it's called. Five minutes into the game, I was tired.Jay had me running all around the court, just because he could basically.The game was tied though, 16 to 16.I checked him the ball and started dribbling the ball moving backwards.I got a great idea, stopped, held the ball in my right hand, pivoted on my toe, pushed him away, and shot the ball for two.

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Tom And Cristos

Tom pulled open the door that led to the locker room, of the local gym. He had just finished his weekly workout and was wiped out after all the exercises. Tom was 24, and an intern at an actuary firm. He had medium-dark brown hair and ice blue eyes. Tom opened his locker door and pulled of his shirt wet with sweat exposing his muscular torso. Tom's chest was smooth with a light coat of barely noticeable hair; his chest and arms were very muscular. He placed the shirt in his locker with his other things, he then sat on the bench and took of his shoes and socks and placed those as well in the locker. Tom then pulled of his shorts and leaving him only in his boxers, in the deserted hall of lockers. He then took out his shampoo, and pulled of his boxer shorts, showing his penis that drooped down, covering his balls. Tom closed the locker and headed for the showers. The showers at the gym were designed with six pods of showers with two in each. As he walked he could see the blurred images of naked men showering which made his dick quiver and begin to harden, since he was gay and turned on by men. Tom's dick became hard and was about eight and a half inches in length and moderately thick. All the pods were full and found only one pod at the end, which was occupied only by one guy. Tom opened the door and steam rushed out fogging his surroundings.

As he stepped in the pod the steam cleared and Tom could clearly see the other man lathering his body in soap. Tom shut the door as the other man greeted him with a smile. Tom said hello back and introduced himself. The other man introduced himself as well and claimed his name was Cristos. Cristos had black lightly curled hair that was full of gel that sculpted his hair into a sexy hairdo. Cristos had really nice deep green eyes, and his face was shaven but little hairs occupied his beard and moustache region. Cristos was heavily muscular and a six-pack followed up his firm chest. Tom looked down at Cristos' dick, which was hard because of the hot water. Cristos' dick was dark brown and thicker than Tom's but a little bit shorter. Tom looked up at Cristos' face and was turned on by his innocent look. Tom turned away and turned on his shower, and began to shower but could not rip his eyes off Cristos' now fully hard dick. Unbeknownst to Tom, was that Cristos was eyeing Tom, which resulted in his boner. Cristos loved Tom's strong look, and his long penis. To avoid accusations from Tom, he noticed Tom staring at him so he asked:

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