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Confined To Quarters

Cadet Mark Phillips and I stood at rigid attention in Colonel Burke's office, side by side, while he thundered at us. "By God, I want the truth and I will have the truth out of you if I have to keep you here all day!" he blasted right into our faces, the first half into mine and the second into Phillips'.

"You!" he jerked his face back and rammed it into mine, so close that if I had moved the slightest bit, I would have bumped noses with him. "Did you give Cadet Phillips the answers to the test?"

"No, sir!" I shouted back at him. That's how you do things in military academy, everything has to be done at the top of your lungs.

"Did he give you the answers?" he bellowed.

"No, sir!" I bellowed right back at him.

"Then explain to me why you two got identical answers on the test, and missed the same questions in the same way, all the way right down the line, CAH-DET!"

"I don't know, sir!" I said. Actually, I had my suspicions about Phillips, but that was beside the point.

He turned to Phillips and issued the same questions at him and got the same answers. Feeling wronged...I didn't know what had happened, but I knew darned well I hadn't cheated!...I said, "Sir, it must be a coincidence!"

He was back in my face in an instant. "Oh, so you both just thought the capital of Peru was LA PAZ?" He asked. "Are you so stupid you don't even know that La Paz is in BOW-LIH-VIH-YAH!"

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Forced To Shoot

Peace, D.D.


When I was thirteen, I often hung out at the public outdoor-pool in the summer. The place was always packed, chicks everywhere, and it never took long before my dick got heavy. It had totally grown out of proportion in the past year and even though I liked that I was also very aware that there was no way I could hide a hardon in my trunks any more. So I did what I always did: I showered and then went in to one of the toilet stalls to beat off.

This time, while I was in the middle of working my bone, I suddenly realized that there was a dude checking me out from above. He was standing on the toilet in the stall next to mine, and he had a full view of what I was doing.

I stopped stroking, of course, thinking that he'll go away now that he was found out. But he didn't. He just stood there, staring down at me.

Now, going to the stall straight from the showers, I hadn't grabbed my towel nor my shorts. With nothing to cover myself - and my cock hard as marble - leaving the stall was not an option. Embarrassed and ashamed, I sat there for a minute or so, hoping that my erection would go down.

As I waited, the man could study every inch of my birthday-suit. And he did. My long, smooth legs; my hairless stomach; my small, stiff nipples; my well developed arms; my penis, a boy's but already bigger than many men's - all of it was laid out for his eager looks.

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Marks Awakening

Mark was a quiet boy, shy, generally keeping himself to himself.He knew he was gay but kept that a closely guarded secret.At five foot four, he was average for his age and nothing made him stand out amongst his school friends except one thing.Mark was endowed with an above average cock. When fully erect, it measured almost eight inches.He kept that a secret too but the bulge in his briefs did make his classmates curious and evoked some comments.Mark always ignored them.

He had observed other boys playing around, groping each other but never joined in.There was even one boy in his class who loved to suck other boys' cocks.This usually attracted an audience but Mark didn't join in for fear of being labelled 'queer'.

Mark used to walk home from school through the park.One afternoon as he made his way home, he found that he needed to use the toilet.He didn't like going in those places but his need was desperate so he went into the one in the park.It didn't smell too clean but he ignored it and went into one of the cubicles.He dropped his trousers and sat down.As he sat doing his business, he glanced at the wall and was amazed at the things he saw there.All sorts of crude writings, some recounting sexual activities and others asking for meets.Some even had phone numbers to call if you were looking for sex.

He heard someone else enter the toilet and go to the urinals.He glanced at the other wall and was surprised to see that it had a hole in it.He had a quick look through it and found that it overlooked the urinals and he could see the new arrival taking a piss.He stared, fascinated, at the guy's cock until he finished, gave it a shake and put it away.The guy left and Mark leant back, realising that his cock had got hard.He wanked often but wasn't sure if he should do it there.As he considered it, another guy came in and went to the urinal.Mark had a look through the hole and watched as the guy pulled his cock out.Then, instead of pissing, he started to wank it.Mark instinctively took hold of his own cock and did the same; all the time watching the other guy.Then, to Mark's surprise, the other guy came right up to the hole and pushed his cock through it.Mark didn't know what to do and just stared at it.After several minutes, the guy got fed up and pulled his cock out of the hole, tucked it away and left.

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Paying For The Party

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck," the boy chanted as his balls emptied over Mark's hand.Cum dripped down his arm as he finished the boy up.When the last drops had been spent, Mark let go and leaned back, flicking his hand twice to shake off the load.The boy lay back in the chair, eyes closed in the glow, but Mark nudged his sharply and handed him the marker. "Write your name on my arm," he said, and the boy slowly complied, nice and neat. Finished, Mark stood up and went looking for more prey.

The five pledges were working on their last task.If they made it through tonight and all hit their scores, they'd be full members at last.It was going to be tough, though, as the master had warned: "You guys will be paying off our party tonight.We've spent five thousand dollars on booze and the DJ, and we need it all back.So, you get to work the crowd.It's twenty bucks for a handjob, fifty for a blow, and a hundred to fuck your asses.Now, there are five of you, so that's a thousand each, but if one of you wimps out or comes up short, it's up to the rest to pick up the slack.Whenever you get a guy to cum, make sure you have him sign his name on your body.You all understand?" Each boy had nodded his head, resigned to their status as cumdumps at large, though they weren't too thrilled. The party had started a few minutes later, and they walked naked inside to a chorus of cheers.

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Pe Wrestling

This is my first time submitting a story for the Nifty Thrifty archive, so any and all feedback is appreciated (of course, flames will be quickly extinguished and ignored).All the usual warnings apply: if you shouldn't be here, then don't draw attention to yourself; if you don't want to be here, and don't like the idea of teen boys being sexually involved with each other, then go away (we don't go to YOUR story/pic sites and harrass YOU).

This is a story of a young teen boy's first sexual experience.It is not true; it is a liberal view of a real experience of mine, combined with fantasy.No names are real, but several characters are based on real boys I knew back then.No animals, trees, people, or wood products were harmed in the writing of this article.


When I was twelve I moved from the safety and comfort of elementary school to the terrors and horrors of junior high.I knew it would be very different, that things would be done in ways that I was not used to, but I really was unprepared for it.And to make matters worse, I had started puberty that past summer.

Let me start by introducing myself.My name is Jimmy Hanson, and back then I was what everyone would call a nerd.A total dork.My mom still had my straight brown hair cut into a bowl shape, right down over my ears and with bangs down to my eyebrows.My baby blue eyes would become my best feature in high school, when I was able to wear contacts, but back then I wore thick black glasses.I was in the middle of my second round with braces.And to top it all off, I was a real shrimp; by far the shortest kid in my grade at 4', I weighed a mere 78 pounds.But perhaps the worst of it all was the way my Mom dressed me.She would not buy me jeans, and wouldn't allow me to wear t-shirts or sweatshirts to school; it was always "dress slacks" and polo or button-down shirts.Not a day would go by where I wasn't verbally and physically harrassed in the halls at school.

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Juvie Hall

NOTE: This story is true, although it happened years ago when I was 12, I am now 18. It contains my fond memories of being in Juvenile Hall. It contains textual nudity, and sex between two teenaged males, please do not read unless you are over 18. Prohibited where outlawed, blah,blah

I was in school, and you know how every school has a bullie. I was walking to my locker, to go shower after gym. Mike, the bullie came up to me, and pushed me. I got back up and kicked the shit out of him. To make a long story short he had a broken nose, two black eyes, and his lips were humongus. I only had a minor scrape on my knee. I was arrested for assault. I was always a clean kid, only smoked pot on occaision. I was scared to be going to Juvie, but I had to face it. I always heard stories of kids raping other kids, I knew I liked other males, and that kind of excited me. I was booked in around five that night, and was put into a cell with a gang member who belonged to a mexican gang, his name was Jose. After I made my bunk, a staff of the hall came banging on the doors telling us kids to get ready for evening rec. I was scared to join the general population, so I stayed in my cell. Jose also stayed, he said he'd take me under his wing, and would counsil me to be brave, and not become a vegatable in my cell. We sat on his bunk, and played poker with paper chips. We started talking, Jose was going on trial for strong armed robery. He talked about his girlfriend, and how he missed her. I told him that I did not have a girlfriend, but had my cock sucked by a girl once, however I never penatrated her. He asked me, "Have you ever messed around with another boy?" I tol him no, which was a big lie. He said when he was little his buddies would all jerk off together, and sometimes blow each other. I told him that that was cool, if he was gay, so what. He laughed, and said, "I like sucking cock once in a while. Like right now." I was very nervous, I was usually the one who came on to guys, and here this tough gang member was coming on to ME. I got hard almost instantly. He told me to go stand by the peep hole to make sure no one was coming. I did, and he came over pulled my uniform pants down, and started to suck my cock. He grabbed my young 6inch cock, and swallowed it hole. He wrapped his hand around the base, and slowly jerked while he sucked my tool down his throat. I was in extacy. "Oh yeah you hot mexican stud, take my cock." I said. I then grabbed his head, and fucked his face. He was making noises, "Umph, gurgle, mmm." I said, oh man yes. When I was about ready to come i shouted, "Oh man, yes, I am going to nut, arghhhh." He sucked faster, and faster until I shot my load. I shot so much it dripped out of his mouth. He then took me in his arms, and kissed me, the taste of my own come excited me, on his lips. I then told him to get up, that I wanted to pleasure him. He got up, and oh my god his cock was humongus, atleast nine inches, and as thick as a "d" battery. I started sucking his cock, it took a while to adjust my mouth to his massive size. He started to moan telling me, "Oh yeah, you have done this before, suck daddy's cock." I took it down six inches, grabbing the rest with my had, and jerked, slowly turning my hand, and mouth over his cock. He had his hands on the back of my head, slowly pumping his cock into my mouth. Before I knew it, I was taking his cock all of the way down. He then fucked my face, hard. I could not beleive I was taking a cock that big down my throat. "Oh god, I'm nutting, take it bitch, swallow my load," with that he came in my mouth, and I swallowed it all. EPILOUGE: I was in juvie for a month with this hot stud. He got off of his charges, but was killed by a drive by somewhere in the central valley of California.

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Sales Rep In Trouble

Ten days...ten fucking days without orgasm.You should try it sometimes.

I do it from time to time during the nightshifts of my wife, when she works for 10 to 14 nights in a row.It gets me in some kind of `overexcited' state of mind, where the slightest hint of something hot can make your cock jump to attention.And you can take that `jump' almost literally after 10 days, especially if, like I do, you stimulate yourself every day by surfing sexsites on the web, putting on a cockring and ballspreader and gently rubbing your cock and nipples but without the intention to come.

I'm a 40 year young man, always considered myself as being heterosexual. I'm married to a lovely wife, and we have a good sexlife, with intensive and less intensive periods as with most couples I guess.

I am into sports, driving my bicycle and swimming every week.I measure 1.72m and weigh 73 kg.You might call my build `athletic' I suppose, but not muscular.I have a lot of body hair, but keep my legs shaven (for cycling, you know).When shaving my legs, I often shave my groin also, except just above my cock, where I leave a little `mustache' of hair at the base of my 18 cm long and rather thick cock.

When you do run around ten days without cumming, the shaving thing makes you even more sensitive to stimulation by clothing, accidentally bumping or leaning into something or someone...

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