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Will And Luke

This piece is fiction.

Will and Luke

When Will was 15 his parents were killed in a traffic accident and he was taken in by an aunt, who never let him forget what a sacrifice taking him in was for her.At 18 he graduated from high school and next day enlisted for four years in the Air Force to get away from her and from his small town.

He did his basic training at a large base in Texas, where he learned to keep his mouth shut and look serious and respectful when anyone of superior rank(which was just about everyone) said something really stupid.

After basic he was shipped off to a technical training school up north to learn computer programming and from there was sent to an air base in the West.This was his first posting as permanent party and he was assigned to a barracks that actually had rooms where he had a single roommate.He realized that for the first time in years he felt at home.

His roommate was Luke, a farm boy from Indiana.Luke was an All-American boy, clean cut, blond hair, handsome in a thoroughly wholesome way.Will had never seen such straight white teeth.

The latrine in the barracks included a large shower room, no stalls, with eight shower heads.And the toilet stalls had no doors, rumored to be aimed at preventing masturbation.(Nice try, but it didn't work.)

What Will found most intriguing about Luke when in the showers was his penis.Here was this corn fed hunk, age 19, with a penis the size of a 10-year-old, Wispy pale silk bush (from eating too much corn?).The penis couldn't have been more than 1-2 inches in length and was thin as a pencil. Perhaps he lost too much in the circumcision.

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Fixing A Broken Heart

Fixing a Broken Heart Chapter 1

Mr. Tomas! It's your turn to come take your picture says the woman over the counter.Damn man it's my first day in college and I'm already running late for class.I walk over to the counter and there is this woman with short blond hair, and dull brown eyes. She looks at me with a disgusting look like she does not want to be here.She tells me to come over and I go to the spot where you take pictures. This lady is obliviously retarded and does not even know how to use a camera.She goes ahead and takes my picture and tells me to go into the next line.I stand in the next line waiting and while I was waiting I look at my watch and I'm like damn I got 90 minutes to get my ass to the bookstore.It's so hot in here all these college students crammed into one little room and someone is really stinking. I finally look around and there was this beautiful creature of god.He was 6'2 and had a muscular build; he had brown hair and the deepest green eyes. It looks like I was staring at emeralds.He also was tanned and my god he has the prettiest smile in the whole wide world.I'm staring at him and then all of a sudden I trip over my own two feet and fall on the floor. All of the guys and girls of course are laughing at me.I look at them and man am I a loser.I go and get my stupid ID card and finally leave and go to the bookstore. As I'm watching on the Prince Lawn I see all these kids walking around and there are people standing on boards speaking about stuff that made no sense as I'm walking I pass this group of people that look like they were apart of pride or something and I'm like man they must really sucks. But deep down I was holding and hiding a secret that no one knew about.It was also why I left my hometown and came here to this school.But to let you know my name is Chris Tomas I am about 5'10 I have a husky build and I have brown eyes that are deep I guess. I am to myself and kind of shy but it's cool though.I just moved down here last night because my car was seriously having a shit load of issues I so hope I am able to get a new car when I graduate.I walk over to the big building and there is a big ass line outside the door. OH FUCK I'm going to be late so I maneuver my way thru the line into the bookstore and I start looking for my books. I look at the prices and damn they are freaking expensive my accounting book cost $120.00 wow for one book and I'm only going to use it for four months what a sucky day.I go and get all my books and I get inline and there he was that cute guy with a hot tan. I hear his name is Mark and man he is so hot.I stand there and am thinking of his hot body and his deep green eyes man I could just kiss him and make out with him. He turns and looks at me and smiles. I'm nervous and he walks over to me and says hey man are you new here. I look at him and I'm like yeah I just transferred in from my school in my hometown. He looks at me with those sexy green eyes and smiles. Cool listen maybe we can go the movies and then off to marriage next if you are ready. Next! NEXT! Hey YOU NEXT! A woman says and I look and it's the lady with short brown hair and a dark black suit looking at me with an attitude. Sir maybe if you stop day dreaming over people can get to class she says. I'm sorry ma'am I didn't sleep well last night and I go give her my books. She rings up my books and tells me that it'll be $ 684.34 I'm like damn that is a lot of fucking money for some books and notebooks. Thank god I got financial aid and I can pay using that or I would be crying for a very long time LOL.So I get my books and I look at my watch DAMN I got 10 minutes to get to class. I run all the way back to the security building where my car is and I go put my stuff in my car and I run all the way back into the Edwards building. I get there and I'm freaking nervous and stuff as I make my way to my class room I walk in and there he is MY GOD HE'S SO CUTE! I just wish I could just have him but I do know that I am way out of his league. This lady walks in and she has a big smile on her face and looks at me and says class will now began.I watch as she hands out the syllabus and as I look at it I see that there is a lot of work that we are going to be doing for the semester.Damn I hate English I was never good at it. I always get a C in English just one time I would like to get a B. She starts going over the syllabus and all I could do is stare at Mark he is by the far the hottest guy I have ever seen. I saw him turn his head and take a look at me and smile. Man I feel like I'm in heaven.All of a sudden I hear some noise behinds me and I turn around and there is guy behind me.He's 5'7 his build is very slender he has blond hair and blue eyes. He wears these big coke bottle glasses and it's hilarious.Hey man are you new here? he says.Yeah man I just transferred from my hometown and I am really excited yet nervous. I say.That's cool man I have been here for a year and it's a really good school he says. I'm Steven by the way he says as he extends his hand.Nice to meet you I'm Chris man; what is your major if you don't mind me asking? I ask him.He looks at me and says I'm a Business Management and Finance major what is yours?My major is Accounting I say.He looks at me and says that's really cool.What class do you have next? He says.I have Accounting Principles 2 with Dr. Smith and he looks at me and say cool so do I. We sit there and start chatting and giggling and then Dr. Ivan look and told us to be quiet.I mean class was so boring but at around 2:45pm she let us out and I was so happy and I look at Steven and ask where the wall building is. He looked at me and said sure follow me. As we walk to the Wall building he tells me about his family and his sister. He is from Pennsylvania, and he seems to have come from rich parents and I'm like why the hell are you at Coastal and I am pretty sure you can afford to go to a better school.Why are you here in the first place? I ask.He looked at me and had a frowned he went and changed the subject and he asks me what I was doing here. I just wanted to move on and do something better.I was ashamed to say the real reason as to why I am here.

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Elias And Malachi

Hello everyone, how ya'll doing? I'm doing good, okay, so anyways. I just started writing this story out of the blue one day and poof, first chapter was done! yay! okay, yeah I'm too hyper at the moment I know. but anyways. here it is..... i am accepting criticism and compliments for this story, since- thats what makes a writer. Thanks for your time. onto the story!


Elias slowly shuffled into the elevator with his suitcase beside him. He reached over to press the button for the second floor only to have his hand land on top of someone else's hand. The soft pale hand pulled away and slid into the pocket of a tall blonde boy's pants.

The older boy looked deeply into Elias's dark brown eyes as if he could see right through them down into Elias's soul. The soft neon blue eyes of this tall blonde stranger astounded Elias. Further more he had to resist the urge to touch the older boy's porcelain white face. His slender figure looked almost frail enough to simply be air. His letterman's jacket was covered with various patches that read Regional Fencing Competition and First Class Fencer Award 2005 and so forth. It hung loosely on him as if he was a coat rack.

"Umm... hi. I'm Elias Schieb," he whispered through his thin lips, "you have really soft hands." The blonde boy's cheeks turned a supple tone of red. Elias realized what he had just said and began to blush as well.

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Cottontail Puppy

Cottontail Puppy

by Jingjok


WARNING: The following material contains depictions of explicit sexual activity. If the laws of your jurisdiction do not permit you to view such material, please leave here at once and go to where you can learn how to work to change the laws of your jurisdiction. If you are offended by such material, please seek psychiatric counseling to discuss why you are here in the first place.

On the other hand, if you simply don't care for the type of material indicated by the story codes, well, have a nice day.

gay, adult-youth, interracial (Black M, white teen)

DISCLAIMER: The following is entirely a work of fiction. All of the parts in this drama are portrayed by mature actors who are masters of makeup and disguise.

HEALTH WARNING: This story is a fantasy. The characters may engage in sexual acts that could be dangerous to their health. If you're going to get your skin wet, always use a raincoat.


As I drove past the park in the pouring rain of a summer storm, I saw him standing at the edge of the street, waving his hand. I brought my black BMW sedan to a stop and lowered the window by the curb.

A young, white face appeared in the window. With his big, brown eyes, he looked like a wet puppy.

"Can you give me a ride?" he asked.

"OK," I said. "I'm going to pop the trunk. Get the towel out of there and spread it on the seat before you get in."

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Flophouse Rules

There was a deferential knock at his door. "Come in." said Bovins, not bothering to pull on his sweatshirt. Just his sweat-shorts, what he used to sleep in, that was all that covered his large, beautiful black body as he lay upon his bed as if upon a throne. "Mr. Bovins, sir?" came the timid voice from the little blond-haired ofay at the door. "What do you want?" Bovins answered. "And the name's just Bovins." "Yes, sir." This kid couldn't be more'n barely eighteen, mebbe twenty. His chin bore a fuzz of whiskers, but not the solid, fine shadow of a real man. "I come to talk to you about staying here?" "Is that a question?" Bovins asked him. "Uh, yeah." the kid said. "Sir." It came separate, but it was like he just had to say it. "Why should I let you stay here?" "I...I can help you, sir." the kid said. "Sell drugs, or help you with your whores, or...or whatever." "You think I sell drugs and have a stable of hookers, and I'm living here?" Bovins cocked his eye over. "Oh. Sorry." the kid said. "But...I heard that you had this place and I could maybe stay here if you said I could. I been told you got some empty rooms." "And if I do?" "Could I use one, just for a while?" the kid said, shivered. "It's getting cold out, nights. And it's nice and warm in here." That it was. The old furnace downstairs worked, and long as some heating oil was available to keep it running, the old building was sturdy enough to keep most of the rooms warm, well, compared to the outdoors. Bovins' room was a bit too warm, but he got the one closest to the furnace's best working heating shaft. Just one of his perks. "You don't have any family you could move in with for the winter?" Bovins asked. One hand came up to play lazily with one large, distended nipple splayed across the well-muscled chest; the kid's eyes watched it as if hypnotized. "Don't you have a home somewhere to go back to if things are that rough?" "Not back there!" the kid's eyes flashed. "I left them and I said I wasn't ever coming back. And I meant it, too!" "Why'd you want to go and do a damn-fool thing like that?" Bovins asked him. "Got a daddy who beats you, or a momma who drinks, or what?" "No, I...I got no respect." the kid was worked up now, and forgot all about calling Bovins "sir." "I'm a grown man and they kept trying to tell me what to do, and I got fed up with it. Dad tried to make me work with him in his hardware store, and Mom tried to get me to come work in the supermarket with her. I said I wanted to just sit and think about things for a time, what I wanted to do, and they didn't shut up, just kept at me and at me, every time they came home, every meal, every thing I did. I couldn't even have my friends over and them leave me alone, Dad would take into me about getting a job right in front of them. A man has his pride, damn it!" "Yep, he does have his pride." Bovins allowed. "Of course, now you're here and winter's coming and you're cold at night. You had enough time to think about what you're going to do?" "I got some ideas." the kid said. "But it's going to be my decision what I do. Maybe after I get myself straight, I'll go visit them, some." "But for now, you need a place to stay." Bovins' hand went from his nipple (which was getting a bit tender from his mauling fingertips) and down over his slim waist and cupped his basket, careless-like. "And you figure that could be here." "I'm told you let people live here with you." the kid said. "Said if you said I could stay, that was all it would take. That'd let me live off the money I make begging, for food and clothes and such, and that would let me find the job I want. I wouldn't have to stay any longer than it takes to get enough money to rent my own place, somewhere." "Well, then, let me tell you about my rules here." Bovins said. "Ever'one who lives here, they got to contribute some way. Some of them keep the pipes fixed, another works on cleaning up the place, another patches things, another keeps an eye on the door. Some pay me money that lets me buy the supplies to keep the place fixed up. But everyone has to give something." "I said I'd work for you." the kid said. "Whatever you want me to do. Long as it isn't too much time each day, I could do that and work or such during the day." "The rule is you have to do what I say." Bovins clarified. "Sometimes it takes longer'n others. But if you get a job, we can work around that." "Great." the kid said. "So I can stay?" "Depends on how you do what I say." Bovins said. His hand now came up and went into his sweatshorts. The gyrations of his hand inside were lewdly specific, he was pumping on his pud inside the clothing, large, long motions. "Everyone here's got his job to do. I decide what that job is. You ready to find out what your job is? Ready to get a good look at it?" "Sir?" Well, that brought out the word again; Bovins was wondering where it'd gone to! "I said if you want to stay here, you have to do what I say." Bovins said. "You ready to do that?" The kid gulped, and damned hard. "I don't know." "If you can't, then get the hell out of here." Bovins said, taking his hand away again. That left his cock tenting out the shorts. "You choose." "I...I gotta have a place to stay." the kid dithered. "Life's full of tough choices." Bovins commiserated. He tugged his sweatshorts down and exposed his nine inches of hard black cock. "You got to take the bad with the good sometimes." The kid gulped again and then put one knee on the bed. "Nu-uh." Bovins said. "Strip outta them dirty clothes first." "Yes, sir." the kid said miserably. Bovins watched him pulling off that tight t-shirt, skin out of those faded blue jeans. Like watching a chicken skin itself out of its feathers, peeling them rather than removing them. His arms and legs were on the skinny side. "Nice going." Bovins approved when the kid was naked. "Now pull this off me so you can get moving." He indicated his sweatshorts. The kid did so and knelt again onto the bed. His eyes glazed as he regarded Bovins' hard dong. He swallowed hard and then, eyes crossed, he dove onto the shaft in one swift, convulsive motion. "Hah, ah, damn, kid, take it easy!" Bovins groaned. That dry gullet was downright painful! "Ain't you never sucked a dick before? Go easy, and work some spit up! Damn!" The kid complied, shivering. His motions were awkward, but became smoother. "Ah, yeah, now you're getting it, kid." Bovins said. "Nice and slow and easy. Once you get it all slicked up, then you can go faster. You got to get me all the way off, you want to live here with me." The kid just murmured around his cock, not understandable, but it didn't sound flattering. Bovins just chuckled, said, "You can speed up on it now. Longer you take on it, the longer it'll take to get done." The kid made a moaning sound in his throat as he sped up and that was when Contreras walked in. The big Latino man stopped dead in his tracks. "Hey, Bovins, what you got here?" "A kid who needs a place to live." Bovins said. "I'm letting him pay his rent this way." "Oh." Contreras watched the kid, who had stopped, frozen, when Contreras opened the door, but a hand by Bovins had started him in again. He said after a time, "Hey, he any good?" "He's learning." Bovins said. "A bit more training, we'll have a good cocksucker in the building." "Man, I could use one of those." Contreras said, fondling his trousers. Bovins saw that, smiled. "Maybe you should get a piece of his other end. Have to get him fully trained before we can put him on the regular schedule." "You got that right." Contreras said. "That last one, he squealed like a pig when I plugged him." "This one squeals on you, we throw him out." Bovins said. "Slick yourself up and get aboard." The kid groaned as he watched Contreras strip, all the time grinning at him obscenely. "Hey, you want a big piece of this?" he proferred his dong when he got out of his clothes. "Maybe put a little salsa on it to give it some spice when I stick it in you?" "Just use plenty of Vaseline." Bovins said. "There's a jar on the dresser." Contreras' cock squeaked as he worked the thick oily gunk over his prick. "Yeah, that's how it's gonna sound when I get it in him." he judged. "You ready for that, kid?" Bovins asked him. The kid grunted, gave a sobbing sound, then grunted out Mm-hmm. "I think our little plaything is getting into this." Bovins said to Contreras. "Are you getting into this? Play with my nuts while you suck me. You're ignoring them. Never leave a man's nuts alone when you're sucking him, he likes you to play with them." The kid's hand came up and cupped Bovin's testicles, and Bovins groaned. "Ah, hell, yeah, kid! That's really making them gurgle!" And that's when Contreras' cock kissed the kid's virgin ass. The kid hissed through his nostrils as the hard, hot Latino prick pushed at his little dimple of an asshole. "Take it easy on him." Bovins said. "Don't go ripping the kid apart. Let him get used to it." "Hey, don't worry about me." Contreras said. "I like it slow." He gave a long, slow push at the kid's butt and then uttered an "Ahhhh!" as he got the head inside. "Yeah, kid, you can take this. You get used to that and then I'll push it in some more!" Bovins closed his eyes and shuddered. Damn, nothing like a hot young virgin mouth to really churn his nut-juices! Shit, he could come any second now! He loosed some soft, moaning sounds to warn this kid he was about to have to drink some hot man-spunk. This was a part of the good life he had here, always some young stud wanting a place to stay rather than the street, and most of them were willing to put out to get it! The door opened again, and Bovins let Contreras handle it. He was too busy feeling those sweet urgings flowing over him. Nothing like a hot young innocent mouth to get him ready to squirt that cream! "Hey, you got us a new one!" came the voice of Fremont, the long-bearded man walked in. "You got Contreras breaking him in, eh?" "Yeah, this kid is a real natural." Contreras said and he gave another shove and pushed the first inch of his prod deeper into the kid's bowels. "Another few inches and I can start fucking him." "Can I go after you?" Fremont asked. "If you don't mind waiting." Contreras said. "I'm going to take this stud's cherry nice and slow. He's going to be begging me to finish him off in no time, but I won't do it. When I'm done, you'll have a fully broken-in bed-toy here." "Better'n the last one, I hope." Fremont put in. "That one whimpered like a virgin even after six months. I was glad when he went away." "This one will be better." "Did I hear we got a new one?" came the voice from the doorway. "Oh! Hey! Mitch!" Bovins gasped out. "Come! In! Brother!" "Hey, a white boy!" Mitch said. "And you're about to cream in his mouth, it sounds like." "Uh! Yeah! Uh!" Bovins moaned. "Ugh-uh-grrrrr!" and he grabbed the kid's head with both hands and he jammed down hard and drove his prong deep into the kid's throat! The kid was squirming and that just made it hotter! Bovins gurgled and squirmed and he gave a long, low rumble as he hit his climax and the rumble ended in a roar as he blasted into the kid's mouth! "Uuhhhhhhhrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr-GUH, UH, AH, AH, UH, GUH, UH, UHH! HUH!" The kid choked on the huge wads of jism pouring into his mouth, he gagged, burbled, snorted and with a "hnnh!" sound, he blew one of Bovin's own wads out of his nose and onto Bovin's stomach! The kid spit out Bovin's cock and gasped for air as he snorted and blew out more come through his nose. Bovins bet that salty spunk burned his nasal passages as he did, it must sting like anything! And Contreras took the kid's preoccupation to ram his cock in nice and deep! "Uh-uh-guh!" the kid gasped in surprise. "Now you got the whole thing." Contreras said. "Feel that for a while and then I'll start to fuck you." "Man, I got to get me a piece of that." Mitch declared. "I never seen Bovins get so carried away by a blow-job before, it must be something special!" "After me." Fremont added. "I can't wait for Contreras, I am damned near ready to blow my spunk on the kid's back right now." "Yeah, you and then me." Mitch agreed. "Then the others can come in and take their turns." With a roar of rage, the kid burst into action, he pulled off Contreras' raging cock with an audible pop and he scrambled off the bed like it was on fire! "To hell with this!" he said. "I needed a place to sleep nights! I'm not going to take on every guy in the fucking building!" "You live here, you do what I say." Bovins said. "That's the way it is." "It's not so bad." Mitch said. "Bovins takes any of us he wants when he wants us, but he's willing to share. You live you, you can get in line when the next guy comes along to be broken in." "We share and share alike here." Contreras agreed. "You get a little extra action because you're new. You settle in, you won't have to take more'n two or three guys a night, tops." "That sounds about right." Fremont agreed. "No! Damn! I don't have to put up with this!" the kid snarled as he snatched up his pants, began yanking them on. Fremont started to stop the kid, but a motion from Bovins ended that. "What you going to do, now you can't stay here?" He asked the kid. "What am I going to do? I'm going...I'm going...." "Home?" Bovins added kindly. "Home?" the kid's eyes misted up. "Yeah, home, I'm going to call my Mom and Dad and ask them to send me bus fare! I'll tell Dad I'll go to work in his store with him and...and...I'll go home!" Bovins reached for his nightstand, where some loose change lay. "Here, take a quarter with you." he said, tossing the shining disc to the kid. "For the payphone, you have to use one to get the dial tone in this town, you know." The kid took the money, and Bovins couldn't help adding, "Think of it as a tip for a job well done." "A tip?" The kid was scandalized. He settled for shooting Bovins the finger--Bovins just laughed--and picked up his shoes and t-shirt and took off. "Guess he's not going to stay." Contreras said. "And me with a hard dick all angry and waiting." He looked at Fremont. "I guess that's my cue." Fremont said. "Long as I get to do you when you're done." The two left to go to Contreras room, just across the way. "What about me?" Mitch wanted to know. "Crawl on in." Bovins said. "Always ready to help a brother out." "Like you helped out that kid?" Mitch said as he started pulling his clothes off. "What did you want me to do?" Bovins said. "The street's rough enough on those of us who got no choice but to live on it. But some kid in a funk about making his mom and dad happy and hold down a steady job inside a place he'll inherit one day? We don't need that shit here!" "So you have us all lay it on thick." Mitch said. "And we all end up as usual with hard cocks and no virgin ass to stick it in. You're too good to these street kids, Bovins." "Hey, he wasn't a hard case." Bovins said modestly. "He just needed someone to knock some fucking sense into him." "Fucking sense." Mitch grinned. "That's a good one. That's what you gave him, all right. Taking on a bunch of men every night over a warm bed in his own home, that tends to make the choice easier." "Speaking of fucking, better spread the Vaseline on your dick nice and thick." Bovins lay back and spread his legs wide. "I'm going to need plenty of hard ramming tonight. Got to make me forget the one that got away."

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Late Night Work Out

I'd seen Vernon a thousand times at the gym and hadn't given the brotha a second thought. But when I bumped into him in the showers the other day and saw him naked for the first time I couldn't think about anything else but him. Or should I say that long, thickpiece of dark meat that swayed heavily between his legs. I was sure ole boy had caught me staring while we showered but he didn't say anything and neither did I. It was 2:00 A.M. and I couldn't sleep. My dick was hard as a roll of quarters. I thought about calling my girl but I knew pussy wasn't what I wanted. Since the gym I belonged to was twenty four hours I decided to go work out instead. I was surprised to find that besides Mack an employee I was the only one in the place. I was almost through with my routine when of all people Vernon came in. I noticed that as I finished up my work out that every time I looked over where he was he was looking at me. I headed to the showers and a few seconds he was in the stall directly accross from mine. It was no mistake he knew I was checking him out just as he was checking me out. Soon I could see that that big ole dick of his was hard. I turned to face him showing him my own boner. He quickly rinsed off and nodded for me to follow him. He led me through a door marked employee's only. The room was cluttered with boxes a couple of benches and some barbells. Vernon closed the door behind us and I turned to face him. Without saying a word he gently turned me back around and bent me over one of the benches. Then kneeling behind me he grabbed my ass squeezing and caressing the firm flesy mounds of my cheeks as he spread them. I could feel the cool air on my exposed asshole just before he pressed his face into my ass. I gasped as I felt his soft warm tongue began to explore the valley floor between my asscheeks. In seconds his probing tongue found it's target. I closed my eyes enjoying the intense pleasure as he zeroed in on my asshole. I began to moan softly as he teased me, gently flicking the tip of his tongue against my butthole. He gradually coaxed my puckered opening to relax and after a few moments I gasped when I felt him start to enter me. Little by little his probing tongue slipped deeper and deeper into my ass. Soon the sounds of my heavy breathing and soft moans filled the air as his tongue slipped in and out of my ass like a little velvet dick. I knew Vernon was preparing me for something else he wanted to put in my ass. I wanted it too but I gotta admit I was scared.It wasn't like I was a virgin or nothin I'd taken dick up the ass before and I loved it. But Vernon looked to be 10 or 11 inches long and it was thick. As much as I wanted it I wasn't sure I could take it. Vernon stood and pressed his pubs against my behind slipping his dick between my spit soaked cheeks. He then guided the head of his dick to my hole and started to push forward. I flinched as a jolt of pain shot through me when my assring was suddenly forced to stretch open and over the head of his dick. Oh man I loved the feeling of the initial penetration. The pain begins to subside immediately quickly being replaced by a tingling sensation like a small electric current is passing through my asshole. Vernon paused to allow me to adjust to the invasion. For severel moments we remained still with the head of his dick wedged in my tingling asshole. Then he began to fuck me. With small firm thrusts he worked his dick into my ass. The tingling sensation in my asshole increased as it was forced to stretch more and more as Vernon gradually stuffed my butt with inch after inch of hard dick meat. I grabbed my dick and jerked frantically as the feeling of fullness increased and just when I thought I wouldn't be able to take any more I felt his hairy pubs press against my ass and I could feel his dick throbbing deep inside of me. Vernon fucked me like I'd never been fucked before. He alternated his rythm from hard and fast to slow and deep, sometimes pulling out until just the head remained in me before plunging the entire length of his dick back inside of me, in and out and round and round. The pleasure coming from my asshole and the jacking of my dick was intense. My dick was so hard it ached and leaked precum. Just when I was about to rub one out Vernon would pull my hand away. It was as if he sensed I was close and he didn't want me to cum yet. Man that shit drove me crazy. Finally several minutes later I felt his dick swell even bigger and start to throb wildly and he growled as pumped the contents of his nutts deep into my ass. He left his dick buried inside of me until I felt it start to soften before he pulled out. He then sat on the bench he'd had me bent over and took my dick into his mouth and down his throat in one gulp. Damn that shit felt good, so good that I started to thrust. It was as if my hips had a mind of their own as I fucked his mouth. Vernon slipped his hand between my asscheeks and suddenly shoved three finger into my freshly fucked hole. My head snapped back, my legs went wobbly, and I howled as I exploded in his mouth. I'd never busted one that felt so good. I could barely stand as my dick spurted hot cum into Vernon's mouth. He kept his lips fastened securly around my dick swallowing after every spurt. He continued nursing my dick long after I'd stopped cummin releasing my only after he was satisfied he sucked out every drop of my cum. I ploped down on the bench next to him panting. Feeling the lingering effects of the monster nutt. After a couple of minutes we decided that we'd better leave. But just as he was about to open the door we heard voices on the other side. Vernon switched off the lights and we stood next to the door in the dark waiting for the people on the other side to move on. After a few minutes I felt Vernon's chest pressing against my back, his dick was hard again and it brushed against my behind. The thought of him fucking me again made my own dick start to awaken too.I felt his dick slip between my asscheeks and I inhaled deeply when I felt it slide inside of me. He fucked me slow and deep. Every nerve in my asshole was extra sensive from the fucking he'd given me earlier and I could feel every vein, bump, and curve in the shaft of Vernon's huge dick as it slowly slid in and out of me from head to root with every single thrust. All the while he stroked, squeezed and caressed my dick. My body shivered with even more pleasure when I felt his warm breath on the back of my neck from his heavy breathing, low moans, and whispers of how good my ass felt to him as he continued the slow sensual fucking. I was in ecstacy heaven and it was becoming harder and harder to be quiet so the people in the other room wouldn't hear us. Especially when every fiber of my pleasure bombarded body wanted to scream out to the world how good tha dick was feeling to me. Soon it was apparent that neither Vernon or me was no longer concerned or aware of the people in the next room. We were two sexual beings aware of nothing but the intense sexual pleasure that we were giving and recieving. With his hands, mouth and dick Vernon had taken me slowly to places of lust and ecstacy I'd never been before. My orgasm had been slowly building for the last ten minutes and now I was close but instead of bustin I hovered right there at the edge. He was really workin me over, I was right there and wanted to bust. But this shit was feeling so good I wanted it to continue. I placed my palms on the wall to steady myself and pushed my ass back forcing Vernon's dick even deeper into me causing a moan to escape him. Panting I told him I was gonna cum. "Oh Fuckkkkkk!!!!" I cried out moments later as the orgasm washed over my body. My body shuddered and my knees went weak again as stream after stream of my cum splattered on the wall in front of me. "Dayummmmmm..." Vernon panted as my spasming asshole gripped his dick again and again. I could feel his dick throbing and twitching deep in my ass as he came too, depositing another huge load inside of me. I never saw Vernon again after that. For months I prayed I'd run into him at the gym again but I never did.

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Masturbation At Nineteen

"Masturbation at Nineteen"


Timothy Stillman

(this is dedicated to John, for whom I wrote it, with love)

When I was a freshman in college, at Christmas time, on break, I was at home and feeling especially horny one evening, and as usual, all alone..

In the living room was our Christmas Tree, fake, silver, I hated it, to the left of the full length mirror, hiding a part of the mirror. So then since there was only me and my shadow and my reflected image, I had an idea:

There were colored lights revolving around on the tree. I thought what would those colors look like revolving around on my naked body? And wasn't masturbating in front of that hated Christmas tree, how I wanted a real one, just something so vain and so naughty and nice?..as I stood at the mirror, looking at myself, pushing my long brown hair behind me and leaning my face into imagined December winds.

I put soft music on. I started to strip.Slowly. My tennis shoes. My socks. My bell bottom blue jeans. My paisley shirt. My silk scarf. In those lights, partially hidden by those silver branches. I teased myself as I did so. I made myself as best I could into those silhouette openings of the Bond movies. The wall heater made the room too hot and I was perspiring a bit. I touched my tongue tip to the edges of my lips. I stroked myself as I closed my eyes and raised my head, put my arms round my naked chest, pretended I was David Cassidy in the almost naked lay out in "Rolling Stone." With each piece of clothing, I stopped first, as with my shirt off, I rubbed my chest, felt my basket with my left hand, seeing the colors and experiencing the quality of sexuality I always felt when I saw boys with only jeans on, and how I wanted to take them off them, delicately, peeling a grape, loving.

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