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Living In The Dorm

Jack was alone. His computer screen flashed the images he had paid for. The three naked males were finding different positions and different ways to finger, suck, lick, and fuck each other.

He could have joined a fraternity the year before, but perferred living in a dorm. The group showers, the parties that had guys running around the hallways drunk and bareass and all the fantasies he thought of about his neighbors.

Jack was naked sitting in the chair he had spent hours studying in. Legs outstretched, leaning back, he stroked himself with his favorite hand and fingered himself with the other.

It was good. He didn't want it to happen too quickly. The first load had spewed out that way and he knew he wanted more. He edged at least twice but backed off even getting up and walking around the room. Standing in the window of his dorm he knew anyone looking up would see the silhouette of a naked man. He didn't care.

Tonight there were not limits, no boundaries and only the need for sex he loved.

So now he stroked and dug deeper inside his ass with two fingers. He didn't care what he looked like, only the images he saw and the sensations he felt.

"What are you doing?" Jack had heard the door unlock, he didn't care. Mason had seen him jack off before and he had seen Mason pump too.

"What does it look like? He muttered getting even more excited knowing someone else could see him like that.

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My New Life

For me the day my new life began normally enough, it certainly didn't end that way however. It was a morning like any other since I had moved to Houston, Texas about 1 month before. I still, really didn't know anyone, and the job that I was supposed to have started, ended before it even began. I was fresh out of college and had been recruited for a design job. As I really didn't have any family to speak of, I had no trouble deciding to move the almost 2000 miles to take what would have been an awesome job. My parents had died while I was in college and all the family I had anymore was an old aunt that I really didn't even know. I rented a small furnished studio apartment as I had almost no furniture. It was perfect for me as it was right on a bus line and my old car would never have gotten me back and forth to work. All seemed to be going great until the day before I was due to report to my new job. I got a phone call telling me that the position had been eliminated so I no longer had a job. They were very sorry and at least had the courtesy to give me 3 months severance pay as well as reimburse my moving expenses. Great here I was in a new city where I didn't know anyone and now had no job. I thought about moving back home. But home held nothing. Thankfully though I almost immediately found an ad for another firm, and they had gladly arranged for me to interview with them.

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Hawks I

I was in the South Pacific, where the temperature each day was in the 30's (Celsius) and the humidity rarely below 85%.

We all had someone to help around the house, usually for a half day a week. My house-maid was nothing to talk about, but most of them weren't.A colleague at the institution I worked at had a maid named Susan come in and wash and iron weekly, and she would join our Walking Club's trips once in a while.Susan liked to drop in and see me on her way home, and we'd have a chat, a coffee and she'd head off.She was as ugly as they come, with teeth missing, tatoos on her face and so on, but still a delightful person to chat to.Improved my understanding ofthe local language no end.

My first 12 months had finished and still not much social contact after work. I wasn't interested in the girls, and the guys seemed much nicer anyway, with their slim brown bodies and mops of curly hair.Some of the male students would give me a nice smile and once in a while, one of them would drop by with a bag of laundry to run through my washing machine, but I never suspected they were checking me out.

The community of locals gossiped a lot, and there was nothing they didn't know about their bosses - often information picked up from magazines and books left laying around, evidence of visitors and so on.There were one or two pleasant lasses on the staff who were happy to come around for a meal, and I suspect much more, had it been offered, but I didn't want to start something I might regret.I think Susan knew I was getting lonely, as she arrived on the front steps one Saturday morning, asking for some advice about buying some land for her vegetable garden.

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Sergeant Stiffy

1981 Witchita Falls Texas. . . a seedy hotel located near Sheppards Air Force Base

Matt's cock was harder than ever he could imagine it being, and it was literally drooling pre-cum by the gallons it seemed. He could see the stream of it as a long unbroken strand from the eye of his cock down to the already stained sheet.

He was on his knees, face on the mattress, ass in the air.His pink puckered anus being lubed and fingered by the naked man pawing at him and breathing perverted things into his ear as he bit and licked about his ear and neck.

"I'm gonna fuck your tight ass so good. . . you sucked me good, now I'm gonna give it to you. . . I'm gonna cum deep in your ass boy. . . I'm gonna plow you wide open . ."

The mans hand not currently engaged in relentlessly opening his asshole with greasy vasolined fingers pawed at the rest of his body in a frenzied rough manner, tweaking his nipples hard, pinching and slapping his ass, fondling his balls.

Young and naive Matt was in a world he had never imagined existed.His body was on fire with lust and desire as he became lost in the world of sensation; he grunted and groaned with a strange mix of lust, pain and pleasure.

"Are you ready for it now. . . you want my cock up your ass...You want it !?"

Matt grunted in affirmative as he felt the man shift his body to where both hands were now on his hips, and he felt a sublime sensation as the mans weighty cock, bobbing around touched his already loosened anus for the first time.

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Jason And Me

I stayed in the pool longer than everyone else since swimming class was right before lunch.The swim coach usually ate lunch in his office overlooking the pool and as long as he was in there, you could stay in the pool. I usually swam an extra ten minutes, waiting for all my buddies to at least be done showering before I pulled myself out and went into the locker room because I wanted a little bit of time to jerk off in the showers alone while still making it out to lunch with enough time to hang out and eat before my next class. Before I started high school, some girl and her mother got pissed off about having mixed sex swimming where the boys were allowed to wear baggy shorts and the girls had to wear form fitting bathing suits and after a long debate, it became mandatory that all the boys wear speedos. It was something about wearing sport specific clothing or something, I heard that the mother really just wanted the boys to feel as self conscious as the girls, but I was all in support of the rule. If some of the guys were uncomfortable, they got over it quickly and there were some guys I didn't want to see so much of, but for the most part I had some good beat material and by the time I climbed out of the pool, my dick was halfway hard and ready to get some attention. There was a swimmers locker room next to the pool, but nobody in P.E. ever used them and sometimes I'd go in there, but I liked beating off in the main locker room, standing in the showers where everyone rinsed off and where there might be someone still in the back or someone who might come in. When I walked into the locker room, a lot of guys were already out to lunch and one guy was still showering, a senior named Kevin. He wasn't in my class, so he must have come in from the weight room or something. I'd never seen him in the locker room before and actually, rarely saw him in the halls or lunch room. He was rinsing his hair and I got a good look as I passed him on the way to the toilets. Lean, hairy body, dark nipples, heavy five o'clock shadow, he played baseball and had the attitude and body to match. From experience, I knew that I could stand in the second stall with the door opened a few inches and get a good reflection of the showers in the mirror, so I pulled off my speedos and started beating my meat while watching Kevin in the mirror. He was shorter than most of the guys on the team and had a smooth muscled back, tight ass with a little fur on it, hairy legs with big calves. When he turned around, his chest hair matted down to his nipples and ran thick over the middle of his abs to a thick bush around his cut dick. Not the biggest cock I'd seen, but not bad. His balls were big though and I imagined teasing both of them into my mouth after I'd licked my way down his chest, his dick hard above my face while I juggled his balls and used both my hands to massage his stomach and chest. I licked the precum off my thumb and forefinger and then one of the coaches walked up to the shower and I closed the door a little more, afraid I'd get spotted. It made my dick harder, my head swelling with blood and leaking even more of the clear sweet juice out of my slit. "Fuck it," I thought, what would they do if they found me anyway, so I opened the door almost all the way. I was getting ready to cum and wanted the best view. Kevin and the coach just had a short talk and then Kevin was by himself again and right before he turned off the shower, I nutted and my jizz shot out into the main part of the bathroom.The floor was wet, but I could clearly see my ball juice on the rough concrete. I slowed my hand and milked out a little dribble of juice onto my finger before popping it into my mouth and sucking the frothy precum and jizz off my hand. I let my dick go down a little more before I walked out of the stall with my speedos flipped over my shoulder and passed Kevin on my way to the showers. We said hey to each other, but he was quickly drying off and we didn't have much to say to each other. I took the head he had used and rinsed off with my back to him, using the soap out of the dispensers spaced out around the shower room. I turned around and he was gone. I didn't even know where his locker was and the coast looked clear, so I beat off quickly and came again, remembering what Kevin looked like under the showers.

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The Group

Matt was the last one to emerge from the showers. Dressed like the others only in his white cotton boxers he finish toweling his wet hair and sat in the middle of his four teammates he on the dug out bench.

As he sat down, everyone moved to make room and their hips and thighs pressed against each other. Most had their legs up on the edge of the dugout. Nobody could see them there and they could see everyone else.

They had twenty minutes before they'd have to dress and get on the bus.

"fuckin great game" Matt sighed. They had won the soccer match.

The guys cursed in agreement.

"Wow look at that" Able interupted the chatter and they watched a tall, teenager girl walk by on the other side of the field her blossoming breasts gaining the admiration they deserved.

"Shit" Carl muttered and they all saw what he saw. One of the guys from the opposing team was practicing with the soccer ball, kicking, tossing it, catching it..all with his feet. His shirtless torso was covered in sweat and shinning in the evening sinking sun. His thick hairy thighs were like tree trunks.

They had encounterd his skill in the game and knew they had lucked out.

"Fuck how did we win against that?" Another one asked nobody in particular.

"Hey Carl I know he's good but not that good" Matt called out.

Carl's excitement was noticable as a tent had sprung on his lap.

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Wet Dream

For boys who never knew their fathers and boys who wanted their father's love.

My First Wet Dream(masturbation)

My first wet dream scared the shit out of me.I had absolutely no idea what was happening.There was no discussion of anything remotely connected to sex around our house.Maybe it would have been different if my dad were still alive, but it's just me and my mom, and she acts like she's embarrassed by jokes on TV.

I knew that sex was something that adults did.I would soon find out a lot more about it when I entered high school in the fall, but this was at the beginning of the summer.Some of the jokes on TV that seemed to embarrass my mom were beyond me.Obviously, sex was something that concerned only adults.Not kids.I simply cannot believehow naive I was at that age.

They say kids pick up stuff about sex at an early age, assimilating it in all sorts of ways, mixing truth with fiction and imagination.It wasn't that way with me.For me, sex was a subject that simply did not exist. It just was not a part of my world.

Well, that changed pretty quick.

It was just over a month after my 13th birthday.I woke up during the night with a sudden pain to discover I had wet the bed.Only, of course, it was cum.I could still feel it oozing out after I woke up.It was sticky when I touched it.

I was scared, confused.But I lay back trying to recover that wonderful sense of...comfort.I had felt it during the dream.I wanted to know, to remember what it was all about.I could remember being carried... Yes.I was being carried in someone's arms.I was naked but not embarrassed about it.

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